Memberships for 2017

Round Towers Lusk Membership 2017

Club Membership

Round Towers Lusk is the members of the club, without members there is no Round Towers Lusk. By filling in the membership form and paying your annual subscription you are joining with your friends and neighbours as custodians of a proud club which is in existence for 109 years. You are also joining the GAA as a national body.

Voting Rights

Our Club Constitution states “All Registered Full Members who are over the age of eighteen ….shall be eligible to vote at a General Meeting.” Full membership includes the adults in a Family Membership, Students and O.A.P. members. It does not include Social members.

Purchasing Tickets

Only Full members are entitled to order tickets for games through the club. Juvenile members cannot order tickets. The club does not profit in any way from the ordering and supply of tickets.

Changes to Membership Categories & Rates

Our Club Constitution states: “The annual subscription of members other than honorary members shall be decided by the Annual General Meeting.” Each year membership is discussed and decided upon by the members of the club. Any change must be carried by a vote of the members present.

Rates & Categories for 2017

Category Cost
Full Adult Player €120
Student Adult Player €85
Full Adult Non-player €85
Family (1or 2 parents and any number of children) €180
Juvenile (under 8 – Minor) €85
Social €50
O.A.P €20