Round Towers Lusk GAA Club Games Promotion officer..........

James Costello is a full time Games Promotion Officer who is employed by Round Towers Lusk GAA Club. James joined the club in 2014 and as his title indicates, his role is to develop and promote the sport of GAA in the club, the schools and the community through GAA camps and workshops for Parents/Mentors and Players

Within the club, James works with the Juvenile team members to assist them in drawing up coaching plans and systems, so that they can develop their players to the highest of their ability. One key asset of this type of work is that it provides a consistent form of development from the time a player first joins the nursery to they move to senior competition.

At nursery level the promotion of fair play, fun and exercise are key fundamentals to the programme.As players move into competitive teams, the focus shifts to providing them with the skills that are appropriate for their age group.

Within the local schools, James works closely with the school’s PE programme to develop and promote GAA sport among the children. This linkage to the schools is a vital part of any GAA club.

Within the community, the work that James does to promote, football and hurling is evident from the hundreds of kids and parents who come to the club each weekend. The health and social benefits of sport cannot be under-estimated and we are proud to be just one of the organisations who provide the forum for this to flourish, within Lusk.

Throughout the year James co-ordinates and delivers a number of workshops in Gaelic Football and Hurling. All new and exsisting coaches and parents need up skilling (these workshops are also open to non members) and helps coaches of all standards to become better equipped when working with children.